The Price of Membership

There are no membership dues! VAAS just needs your knowledge and experience. You have already paid for the cost of membership through your dedication to serving the animals in Virginia. Forms are available at the bottom of this page.

Membership Requirements

Open access and municipal animal shelters in Virginia are invited to become Members of the Virginia Alliance for Animal Shelters (VAAS). The Executive Committee may invite other entities who have demonstrated support of and have worked with open access shelters to become Associate Members. Organizations, agencies or individuals may become Associate Members after being sponsored by a member in good standing and a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. Associate Members will have voting privileges and may serve on committees and subcommittees.

Shelters in contiguous states may become Affiliate Members for the purpose of joint training, communication and other limited services but will not be involved in any legislative or regulatory activities and will not have voting privileges.

The Executive Committee will review memberships annually for the purpose of determining if changes have been made in the status of member organizations, agencies or individuals that would render them no longer eligible for membership.

The Executive Committee will ask member organizations, agencies and individuals to renew their commitment to the VAAS at least every other year.

By majority vote, The Executive Committee may deny or revoke a membership for cause.

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